Crystal Johnson

Director of Call Center Operations

I am a native of Nova Scotia; I grew up in Guysborough and now live in Monastery. I joined P4P in June 2013, and in May 2015 became the company’s Agent Success Coordinator. I am passionate about my job and about the company itself. As a member of the P4P family, I feel as if I am part of a special group of people working together to fuel the company’s growth and subsequent success. As someone dedicated to helping others, I am always eager to lend a hand and support my agents in efforts to improve their job performances. As a natural problem solver, I believe there is no problem for which a solution can not be found. I am dedicated to ensuring efficiency, innovating new tools to improve company quality, and striving for excellence in whatever I do. I believe in maintaining an open line of communication, and make myself available to my agents at all times for assistance. I’m always looking for ways to improve, both professionally and personally; I believe this can be accomplished by constantly learning and being open to suggestions from others. My commitment to helping others is what I’m all about, and it is for this that I would like to be remembered.