Tammy Kuirinlahti


After working in a call center for almost 10 years, I decided to leave and take some time off. Four months later, I came across a Facebook ad that said: “work in your jammies”. Although I wasn’t actually looking for a job at that point, the ad was appropriate as I was then, spending a lot of time in my jammies! So I decided to give it a try. It’s now 6 years later, and I love my job as much as I did when I started! The experience I had acquired prior to joining P4P was a great asset: I had created and run a quality control department, then had gone on to QA; I had trained agents and managed client relationships. In addition to having the right experience, my personal qualifications have resulted in my success at P4P: I am a natural problem solver; I think outside the box for solutions and never see any obstacle as insurmountable. I love working with and helping people achieve goals that they believe to be “unachievable”. I love the opportunity to take something from “scratch” and build it into something great. At P4P, I train new agents, some of whom have no experience in this industry. Through continual training and coaching, they are molded into experts! I love cooking and baking. I take a recipe “from scratch” and make it mine. I bake often for family and friends, and when not working, can usually be found in the kitchen experimenting to create new culinary successes! The concept of volunteering is important to me, and I support a number of causes. My priority though, is my family, and I’m proud to say that my sons presented me with a “best mom in the world” trophy. Those who know me, consider me to be a dedicated team player. I like contributing, helping out, and will go above and beyond in efforts to assist others. It is my belief in “going the extra mile” that I would like to be remembered for.