For over 10 years P4P has been delivering superior results as a trusted partner of the moving industry.

Why P4P

The moving industry is extremely competitive and now more than ever, consumers don’t have the patience to wait on a call back from a salesperson. When customers call you and can’t immediately qualify and schedule the next step, they call your competitors. And if your competitors are using P4P, they win the job.

P4P serves over 1000 moving company locations, connecting every customer to a moving industry professional representing that unique brand, in an average of 57 seconds. We do this 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Smart Lead Management: Every customer has unique needs and every business has unique solutions. At P4P, we work with every client on a custom lead management strategy using our proprietary rules based engine.

Inbound Call Management: We answer sales calls 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year in under 5 rings. Every one of our Move Advisors who answer your phones has the ability to qualify and schedule an appointment. No transfers or voicemails, just conversions. We also route your non-sales calls to the appropriate team member within your organization.

Outbound Call Management: The moment someone submits their information on an online form, the clock starts ticking. If a customer isn’t immediately contacted, they keep searching. P4P will respond within 120 seconds of receiving any lead, either from your website, or from any other lead source. If we don’t reach them, we will continue to contact the customer at regular intervals.

Intelligent Appointments: Once a customer is qualified and ready to move forward, we schedule in-home appointments directly on each salesperson’s calendar. Using the business guidelines that you lay out, P4P will present customers with the available dates and times your salesperson is available to do a survey, accounting for travel time and other real-world considerations.

Video Survey Scheduling: For qualified customers and clients, P4P can intelligently schedule pre-move video surveys for customers who prefer this method or for whom an in-home survey is not possible. See our video survey page for more details.

Web Chat: Do you or would you like to have a “chat widget” on your website? We staff the back-end of chat services for hundreds of movers for customers who prefer to have a text interaction with you.

Tracking and Reporting: How many leads did your last postcard campaign produce? How many leads converted to booked appointments with your Adwords campaign? Not sure? P4P will track each source and phone number for you separately, and do periodic calls with your leadership team to review this data and provide recommendations on marketing optimizations.


Moving company locations served


Video surveys annually


Average first call response time


  • I love having P4P on our team. It’s like having your own high end telemarketing department but without the payroll, hiring and managing issues that go along with it.

    Steve Eschbacher, Suddath Relocation

  • I have used P4P’s appointment scheduling program for several years now, with good success. Whether used full time or as a supplement to an existing in-house effort, I find their service consistently achieves higher overall lead to appointment results, and in turn sales.

    Jeff Newcomer, Vice President, Agency, Sales & Recruiting, Arpin Van Lines