Video Survey

P4P’s pre-move Video Survey and VISI blend intelligent technology with our experienced team of moving experts to create an inventory experience that’s better for your customers, and more accurate and efficient for you.

Pre-Move Survey

A P4P Video Surveyor, a highly-experienced moving expert, conducts the pre-move walkthrough of the home. During the walkthrough the Video Surveyor itemizes everything the shipper plans to have professionally moved in order to create the most consistently accurate visual survey in the industry.


The result from the video survey is a VISI – a Variable Itemized Systematic Inventory. This extremely thorough, highly accurate inventory is vital to generating accurate pricing, determining packing materials needed and crew needs, move logistics and more.


Military: P4P performs thousands of military surveys every year. Our moving professionals understand the specific needs of military service members and military relocations and get consistently high-quality scores from members on their virtual in-home survey experience. OA Surveys: Provide fellow van line agents with a high-quality survey without taking time away from your own salespeople. With virtual in-home survey, you no longer need to choose between serving your own clients and serving your van line. Extend your COD market: For leads more than 50 miles from your office, the choice is often to either turn the customer away or ask your salesperson to spend half their day on the road. With virtual in-home survey, you can pre-qualify customers who are 50-200 miles from your office, and use a virtual in-home survey to quickly get an accurate inventory to quote with. Small moves: Small shipments, especially in urban areas, are not necessarily worth the time for a salesperson to visit in person. In addition, no customer wants to be waiting around for a salesperson to show up when they can get the inventory done in a 15-minute video chat. Augment your current sales team: Once the virtual in-home survey is done, someone still needs to price the move and call the customer back. Increase the effectiveness of each of your salespeople by giving them a stack of qualified, surveyed customers they can call and close between their own appointments.


Scheduling: Scheduling can be performed by the customer directly using a widget on your website, a coordinator with access to our calendar, or P4P can call your customer to explain the process and schedule a video call-back. We are often available the same day or next day and are available nights and weekends. Performing the survey: Our video surveyors undergo weeks of training on virtual in-home surveys before speaking to their first customer, including tests on how objects and situations are handled for different types of moves. During the survey, the video call is recorded, allowing the surveyor to fully focus on the customer, saving cubing and note-taking for after the call. Cubing the survey: Immediately after the video call, a separate team of cubers gets to work on watching the videos and compiling the VISI (Variable Itemized Systematic Inventory). Cubing of shipments over 4000 lbs is guaranteed to be accurate within +/- 15%. Our current average accuracy is better than 7%. Delivering results: Within 24 hours of the video being performed, the results of the survey are sent to your team to begin planning the move or to follow up with a sales call. Links to the videos are available as well for the rare case when your team needs to follow up or clarify the customer’s needs.


Pricing starts at $75 per survey. As industry experts with 10 years of moving experience, our extremely efficient team and technology-backed processes allow us to offer all of this for this low flat rate.