9 Ways to Grow Your Business with Virtual Survey

Have you heard about “video survey” or “virtual survey” in the moving industry but not sure where to start? About 18 months ago, P4P Marketing launched our Virtual In-Home Survey program. With the experience of performing over 10,000 surveys, we’ve learned a few things about how our clients are using this new technology to streamline or grow their moving business. Here are a few examples of how P4P clients are using virtual in-home survey:

Origin Agent Surveys

Instead of having your salespeople spend time on OA surveys, you can outsource a virtual in-home survey for these moves. Other agents love the turnaround time, professional presentation, and consistent accuracy.


Instead of tying up your salespeople with military surveys or entrusting them to other agents, a virtual in-home survey is a great alternative. Fast turnaround time gets operations involved sooner which leads to more efficient logistics and fewer service failures.

Corporate Relocations

On corporate moves, a virtual in-home survey provides a consistent, professional, white label survey experience to corporate transferees. P4P operates in the evening and on weekends so transferees don’t need to take off work, and HR teams love the fast turnaround time that gets a move date scheduled for their transferee asap.

Extend Consumer Sales Area

It’s inconvenient to send a salesperson 80 miles out to do a traditional in-home survey, but for a large move, this is still a lucrative job. Using virtual in-home survey, you can extend your sales radius by another 25-50 miles. After the survey, a salesperson or coordinator calls the customer to review the inventory, discuss pricing and book the job.

Small Moves in Metro Areas

If you are located adjacent to a downtown area, you’re used to your salespeople having to negotiate traffic and parking in a crowded downtown area just to do a 15-minute survey of an apartment. A virtual in-home survey is a quick, efficient way to collect the inventory, and your salesperson can follow up by phone to book the job.

Last-Minute Moves

When there is hauling capacity for a move but no time to schedule an in-home appointment, a virtual in-home survey solves the problem. P4P typically has availability within 24 hours and surveys are cubed and returned within another 24 hours. We also accommodate special requests at no extra charge.

Alternative to Phone Surveys

Phone surveys are better than nothing, but not by much. For almost any scenario when a phone survey would be performed, a virtual in-home survey is also possible. Using a virtual in-home survey yields a more accurate survey, and significantly reduce the likelihood of a service failure due to an inadequate survey.

Added Sales Capacity

When your business is down a salesperson due to turnover or vacation, rather than pushing out customers to when the rest of the team has availability (and losing customers because of wait time), you can use the virtual in-home survey service to handle the extra capacity.

International Relocations

When doing a survey for an international move in another country, rather than having a local mover perform the survey, a virtual in-home survey provides a fast, accurate survey, and with a consistent user experience for the client.