Announcing Move4U Video Survey Partnership

Move4U and P4P Marketing are excited to announce a partnership to provide further benefits to moving companies using the Move4U suite of software solutions through the addition of a seamless video survey service provided by P4P. Currently, Move4U solutions provide moving companies with the ability to create a digital survey either in the home through their SalesPro solution, or allowing their customers to perform self-surveys using the SurveyPro application. Under the new partnership, moving companies using Move4U solutions will be able to expand their service capability by offering customers the additional option of a live video survey with a P4P survey professional. P4P will guide the customer through their home via a live, recorded video chat and provide a detailed and accurate survey using SalesPro. The digital survey can then be imported into the moving companies sales and operating platform. The partnership will expose both Move4U and P4P to a wider global audience and offer moving companies the ability to offer their customers a comprehensive range of options to complete the pre-move survey process.

About Move4U

Move4U is a leading global provider of technology solutions to the moving and relocation industry.  The Move4U suite of solutions is built on the belief that technology should be easy to use and is made available in components, allowing moving companies to implement improvement in stages, avoiding disruption to the business. The solutions cover all aspects of a moving business from lead generation, sales, move management and insurance.  Hosted in the cloud, the solutions use data to simply and effectively manage and measure performance. More information: or  

About P4P Marketing

P4P was founded in 2007 as a contact center helping moving companies manage the many new customer channels available to them. P4P has grown to become a valued member of sales teams for hundreds of movers including van lines, mutli-office agents, and small companies. P4P provides a knowledgeable and superior first impression to their customers in a professional manner. Tailored to each company’s sales requirements, these services optimize both marketing budgets as well as sales assets for P4P’s clients. More information: or