P4P CEO Jason Smith Passes, Succeeded by Co-founder Nick Paoliello

It is with the utmost sadness that I must announce that Jason Smith, my co-founder and our CEO, passed away unexpectedly this past weekend. He is survived by his wife Kathy, as well as their three children Monica, Carter, and Hannah. Jason and I have worked together for over 17 years, and we co-founded P4P as partners ten years ago. It has been an incredible privilege to be able to work alongside Jason for almost all of my professional life. Over the last 10 years at P4P, Jason and I have worked to build a strong, stable team alongside a robust set of systems and processes. This week, as we have been reeling from this loss, I am so proud to say that our team has continued to execute as the persistent professionals that we are. We are committed to ensuring that Jason’s passion for creating outstanding client experiences and results remains intact within our culture. Shortly after we founded P4P, as part of our fundamental business plan, Jason and I put several business continuity contingency plans into place to ensure that both the family and the company would be taken care of should a tragic event such as this occur to either of us. These plans ensured that despite this event, P4P retains a solid ownership, governance and management structure, and will remain a strong, independent, debt-free company going forward. I am therefore assuming Jason’s responsibilities as CEO of P4P Marketing, effective immediately. For our entire tenure, Jason and I have worked closely as partners and while Jason’s was certainly the more public position, we made every major company decision together. While I can never and will never be able to replace Jason, I very much look forward to the opportunity to lead our company to continue to execute on the vision Jason and I shared. Thanks once again to our friends, family, and clients for your continued support.   Nick Paoliello CEO, P4P Marketing